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Our Principal

Principal Jim LeMire

Mr. Jim LeMire


Hello Edison Families!

I want to share a few things about our Edison Community. Our mission for our students:

We, the Edison Community, believe all students can be successful. Therefore, we hold high expectations for safety, learning, core values, and community involvement.

Noteworthy in the mission statement is its first mention of community. Edison’s campus area has undergone great economic and ethnic change in the last decade. Edison Middle School sees itself as a permanent extension of the Janesville southside community, its families, businesses, challenges, and opportunities.

Many activities and programs at Edison exist to reach both students AND their community. Examples of community outreach and connection include 8th Grade Career Exploration Classes, November 3rd Career Day, Intergenerational Day, family nights providing food with entertainment and information. Our Builder’s Club, co-sponsored by Janesville Kiwanis club, meets monthly to promote service opportunities in school and to the community at large.

Edison Middle School is known in Janesville for high expectations. First on the list is the high expectation of safety. Edison has many programs which promote and teach safe, respectful lifestyles. Among these programs are its advisory program, N.I.K.E. (Nicotine is Kids’ Enemy) club, a school resource police officer who teaches and interacts daily with students, and a Physical Education/Health program which emphasizes fitness and healthy life choices.

A rigorous program of core classes (Reading, Math, Social Studies, English, and Science) is augmented with excellent exploratory opportunities in Computers, Music, Art, Technical Education, Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Education. Edison’s Empower Hour, has already raised achievement and learning measurably, resulting in improved test scores on standardized tests as well as teacher made Curriculum Based Assessments.

Our Community Learning Center (C.L.C.) works with students after school, from 3:30 to 6:00, Monday through Thursday. In C.L.C., students receive extra instruction and help in Reading and Math. C.L.C. also provides time for students to get homework help, exercise, and a free snack.

Edison’s staff and administration often reinforce to students that safety is the one expectation that comes before learning! Our athletic coaches, school nurse, and staff (both certified and noncertified) work constantly to make Edison a safe, kid-oriented, positive place. Edison’s high expectations for learning are evident to all who walk through our doors.

Starting with a highly qualified, caring, energetic staff and an engaging curriculum, learning is a part of every minute of the school day for all. In recent years, much work and energy has gone into continual improving our pedagogy, learning activities, student performance, and our 1:1 initiative of students working with Chromebooks, and blended learning.

Edison Middle School was recognized as a Wisconsin School of Recognition by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for three years in a row. This award is the result of Edison’s ongoing efforts to improve achievement and learning for all students. Edison’s vision is to be a place of learning throughout the calendar year, a lighted school which can be accessed by its community for continuous growth and improvement.

Core Values are also an expectation for all who work and learn at Edison Middle School. Caring, Responsibility, Honesty, and Respect are the very core of Edison. The positive values which make contributing citizens are emphasized equally with the academic subjects, every day and every hour at Edison.

Many opportunities for service learning here are designed and carried out to allow middle schooler's the opportunity to develop these core values. Advisory/Guidance topics and P.B.I.S. program (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) daily provide opportunity for student discussion and action in positive ways. We expect our students to grow as caring human beings in addition to becoming literate, productive students.

The Check-in/Check-out program is an extension of our PBIS program. Every day before school begins, selected students meet with an adult, going over plans, work, and expectations at the beginning and end of the day. Students in this program have a chance to connect with one caring adult twice each day, seeing Core Values of responsibility, caring , and respect being modeled and expected of them.

From the first day of school till the last, and throughout the summer, Edison Middle School serves its community by creating positive, literate, healthy young citizens. We hold high expectations for ourselves and all of our peers and colleagues at Edison. The journey continues as we strive for greater growth and improvement.

Jim LeMire, Principal