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Science Links

  • The Why Files -- Science behind the news. The Why Files portrays science as a critical human endeavor conducted by ordinary people
  • ScienceDaily Magazine -- ScienceDaily is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine



Solar System/Planets websites:

Space Exploration and Space Program Websites:

  • Website from Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum called "Exploring the Planets." Provides online access to information provided at the actual museum regarding the solar system and the satellites, vehicles, and telescopes used to explore it: http://www.nasm.si.edu/etp/
  • This link leads to a small interactive site by NASA that briefly discusses the exploration of the moon, Earth, Mars, and beyond in the past, present, and future. Click the "View Vision Feature" link at the bottom of any page to connect to an additional NASA webpage loaded with artiicles about tests and experiements that NASA is running in space exploration:  http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/Vision/index.html
  • Explore the website of a private space exploration company: http://www.spacex.com/company.php
  • A mostly complete (and long!) timeline of space exploration from start to 2001: http://www.rocketmime.com/space/timeline.htm
  • A website dedicated to detailing the work and discoveries of the Hubble telescope: http://hubblesite.org/

Cool videos:

Free Apps on the Sun, the Stars, and the Solar System:

Free Online Software:

Photo collections:

Blogs with RSS feeds:

Teacher sites:


Human Anatomy

  • Inner Learning Online Site -- Study the anatomy of the human body. Each topic has animations, 100’s of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links. It’s interactive, and an ideal reference site.
  • NetAnatomy -- NetAnatomy.com is a work in progress that is being designed to teach human anatomy to students.


  • National Weather Service -- The U.S. government weather website, offering Current Weather, Climatic Data, Weather News and related weather information.
  • Weather Channel -- More current weather information and maps from around the world

Social Studies Links

Underground Railroad

  • Pathways to Freedom - Interactive website allows you to travel back to the 1800s and become a young slave who must make some important, life-changing decisions.


  • King Tutankhamen - Tutankhamun ruled Egypt between 1334 and 1325 BC. He was probably the 12th ruler of Egypt's 18th Dynasty.
  • Tomb Discovery - King Tut’s tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings
  • Tutankamun’s Life - Tutankhamun, or better known as King Tut, was a pharaoh who accomplished little in his life.
  • The Tut Collection - There is probably no more famous group of artifacts in the world then those associated with the discovery of young King Tutankhamun's tomb.


  • Overview of Pyramid Construction - The construction and architecture of the pyramids, how they were built, and the evolution in design from the step pyramid to the true pyramid.
  • The Pyramids of Egypt - There are actually over 100 pyramids in Egypt, many of which are relatively unknown
  • How to Build a Pyramid - So, how did the ancient Egyptians construct such an impressive monument so long ago?
  • The Egyptian Pyramid - Pyramid building was at its height from the Fourth through the Sixth Dynasties. Smaller pyramids continued to be built for more than one thousand years. Scores of them have been discovered, but the remains of others are probably still buried under the sand.
  • The Private Lives of the Pyramid-builders - Pyramids tell us about the fabulous lives of great pharaohs, who died surrounded by symbols of wealth and privilege. But the story of the ordinary people who built them is less often told.

Egyptian Life


  • What Are Mummies - The ancient Egyptians believed that mummifying a person's body after death was essential to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife
  • Embalming The Body - First, his body is taken to the tent known as 'ibu' or the 'place of purification'. There the embalmers wash his body with good-smelling palm wine and rinse it with water from the Nile.
  • Egyptian Mummies -The ancient Egyptians - during the time of the dynasties - believed that mummification would guarantee the soul passage into the next life.
  • The Story of the Egyptian Mummy - The methods of embalming, or treating the dead body, that the ancient Egyptians used is called mummification.
  • How Are Mummies Made

Communication Arts Links

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